Royal Rajasthan 10-23 January 2019

Exotic Estates and Royal Tented Camps of Rajasthan

After 21 years of offering this deluxe and deeply insightful tour of Rajasthan, sharing all our intimate connections, passion and lifelong enamour of a country unlike any other on earth, we are taking a break and will offer this classic program again in 2019.

In the meantime we are clearing the decks for later in 2018 to offer an an exciting new tour for Women that encapsulates the culture, design, art, fashion, jewellery and spiritual traditions of India as she vigorously embraces the 21st century in September as well as a new Culinary focused cultural tour of India in October.

We are now taking bookings for this magical and unique tour, based on well over 20 years of expertise in the sub-continent Email us your interest

This is the ultimate luxury Tour of Rajasthan, now in its 21st year and without parallel in the expertly guided way that the mysteries of this colourful, complex destination unfold.

Three nights in the Maharaja of Jodhpur's Royal tents, exclusively set up for Marieke’s Art of Living within the ramparts of the impressive and very beautiful Meherangarh Fort in Jodhpur, with our private cook.
Exquisitely restored Palace Hotels in, DeviGarh, Udaipur, Deogarh and Raj Vilas in Jaipur.
The wonderful tented camp at Nimaj with its organic gardens.
The opportunity to attend sessions at the exciting Literature Festival in Jaipur 23-26 January.

Unspoiled desert locations surrounded by traditional village and Bishnoi tribal hamlets.
Authentic tribal performances and entertainment under starry desert skies.
Heritage properties that exude charm, character and enjoy wonderful locations.

Activities and excursions include desert camel safaris and an evocative camel festival, historic and beautifully carved temples, fascinating ancient bazaars, awesome forts, carved temples, a Mewari bush picnic, evening tribal entertainment.
Informal "lectures" on culture, religion, politics.
This is also a dream destination for photographers!

TESTIMONIALS from the Guests who enjoyed the magical 2013 tour:

Hi Marieke ,
I've been meaning to put pen to paper since the moment Tony and I got home. Whilst things tend to get back to normal far too quickly I've tried to keep my head and heart in India for as long as possible.  It's been quite easy in one sense as I am in 'charge 'of the India book so I've been looking at the photos every day. We have some amazing pictures. Tony absolutely loved India . Think his Hindi has been put on the back burner though.
Marieke we had the most wonderful trip thanks to you . Lots of people wanting to hear about our trip and wanting your details.
Agra was fantastic, loved the Taj Mahal. Sanjay (the guide) was excellent, very knowledgeable , clear and a lovely person. I also wanted to end the tour with the Taj ... What could beat that!
As for constructive criticism, everything  was marvellous, the tour, the places we saw, the experiences, food, guiding / Durga, 'pastoral care' (i.e. you), accommodation, LOVED the tents and VB's. I would have loved another day in Jodhpur and Jaipur but that was because of our restrictions... it gives us a good reason to return.
 Namaste + Love Tor x (Sydney February 2013)

Dear Marieke ,
Thank you for the email and welcome home!
We really loved the Indian adventure Marieke and Durga style and felt we did experience so much more with the tented camps  and all the superbly chosen hotels sharing some of the essence of India... Every detail was thought about and the cuisine delicious.  I did love my yoga class with you on the rooftop at Deogarth and particularly loved the small town and our lovely Nepalese boys at the turban shop...We loved our proud aristocratic Rajput Durga with a wonderful art of storytelling, and a great sense of humour.
 You will be pleased to know that Brad and I are back to yoga once a week. He is glued to Indian Summer and I am loving Nine Lives and am able to understand so much more with regard to Hindu, Jain and Muslim religion with a lot to learn. Thank you for such a wonderful experience in India and we will be back .We already miss the busy street life and the smiling beautiful faces.
 Lots Love Lisa and Brad xxx (Sydney, February 2013)

This Tour will be offered again 10 January 2019
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Jaipur Literary Festival

Art of Living  has designed a program around the Festival that includes some exclusive parties and literary salons with some great Indian writers. Rajasthan tour guests can continue from the morning of 23 January.
Directed by the incomparable and illustrious author and India-phile, William Dalrymple, this wonderful Festival  is held at Diggi Palace and is gratis for all attendees. Based on last year’s experience, the end of the festival holds some wonderful treats over the weekend including marvellous music performances.
Encompassing film, music and theatre, the festival programme includes readings, talks, literary lunches, debates, performance and interactive activities. 

  William Dalrymple, author and co-Director of the festival, said, "This has been a phenomenal year. We had Margaret Atwood, Kazuo Ishiguro, Ian McEwan, Noam Chomsky, AL Kennedy and Thomas Piketty confirmed in 2016!"

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