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Marieke spends up to 3 or 4 months of the year in India, a region and a destination about which she is insatiably passionate, through which she travels widely, constantly researching new properties, designing new tours, extending her networks and her interests and enabling guests from all walks of life to fall in love in a heartbeat with this contradictory, deeply engaging, dynamic country. She sleeps in 6* star beds and on desert charpoys, dines with royalty and drinks chai with rural folk, walks the laneways of ancient forts at dawn and rides camels into the sunset. Her designer tours will satisfy the most inquisitive traveller: culture aficionados, art lovers, food buffs, and photography enthusiasts. She has recently been dubbed "THE Gateway to India", by travellers who have loved her journeys.


With twenty years of leading guided Tours to the sub-continent, no other company knows India as intimately and professionally as we do.
We do not offer packages, we create experiences.
We have innumerable travellers from across the globe who have been ecstatic with the attention to details, the personalised service from some of the country's best guides and drivers, the choice of accommodations, the enjoyment of going deep beneath the tourist veil, the wonderful experience of sitting with musicians, performers, artisans and craftspeople.
Marieke's unbounding enthusiasm whether in an ancient teeming bazaar buying saffron, accompanying guests to pandora boxes of exquisite textiles, or admiring the beauty of ancient monuments is infectious for all her guests.

Welcome to India. To mystery. To enchantment. To unsurpassable beauty.
To ravishing colour and light. To timelessness.
To a kaleidoscope of cultures, religions and landscapes.
To a richness of humanity. To exotic splendour. Where a thousand lifestyles breathe as one nation.
A fascinating tapestry of languages, customs and beliefs. So varied that it may take a lifetime to imbibe its true essence. It is a whole continent in a country, as large and varied as Europe.

Luxuriate in India's past and present and unique diversity.
Travel by chauffeur driven car, train, camel, horse, caparisoned elephants….
Reside in royal palaces, heritage forts, regal tents, family mansions, tea plantation estates, hunting lodges……
Relish desert banquets, tribal performances, tranquil backwaters, wondrous architecture, lustrous textiles, extraordinary festivals, ancient villages, richly diverse cuisines…….

Our long Royal connection with Rani Chandresh Kumari (Princess of Jodhpur and sister to the Maharaja and Member of Parliament and former Minister of State for Tourism (Himachal Pradesh), and currently Minister for Culture) allows us to extend to you the traveller,
an impeccable and fascinating network of connections throughout the length and breadth of the sub-continent,
uniquely interpreted destinations,
warmest hospitality,
marvellously resonant accommodations,
genuine cross-cultural exchanges, and
personalised and efficient ground arrangements.

A country resplendent with smiling faces, unexpected acts of kindness, ancient spiritual roots, faded glory, awesome beauty, flavoured by chaos, humour, intoxicating cuisine, anachronistic English cadences, wondrous collectibles, a tapestry of festivals and feasts and sheer exuberance.

India without tears or worry….. as we ensure that all the potentially maddening aspects of this mysterious and cacophonous country are eliminated and your time is serene.

Aside from our guided luxury annual journeys, we are superbly placed to plan customised itineraries tailored to your interests and your purse for:
the most discerning of individual travellers,
special interest groups, and
exotic parties or extravaganzas for that special celebration for 2 or for 200 people

2014 TOURS of Distinction:

Royal Rajasthan January
Tribals + Textiles: Gujarat February
Kashmir + Bhutan April
Spirit of the Himalayas: A very special Yoga Journey May
Kashmir Trek May
Pearls of South Indian- Cultural Gems August


Cooking with the Raj
The South Indian Kitchen

  •  The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page. Saint Augustine
    •  As you journey through life, choose your destinations well, but do not hurry there. Avoid the shortcuts... wander the back roads... enjoy the scenery. And remember that the true worth of your travels lies not in the destination but in who you come to be along the way. Anon.

What Guests have said:

Dear Marieke, I cannot tell you how often we have thought of you and our wonderful  Rajasthan trip!
Thank you so much for sharing all your wonderful  knowledge  of India , shared with such a heartfelt passion that it was impossible not to come away sharing a little of that passion!  That, to me, is an indication  of a very well thought out and loved tour, so thank you for taking us on the journey with you! How wonderful to meet Durga also, a beautiful character and a great addition to the experience.
Barbie + Mark (Sydney)
Hi Marieke,
Oh yes, I am definitely back with a bang and trying desperately to keep some sort of 'Karma' about me…
Where to begin….from our magical tented camp in Jodhpur that still sends shivers up my spine….to our picnic in the Aravalli hills with VB and his very elegant mum.
Our wonderful Indian food and desert fires at night …. just too perfect! 
One of my most treasured feelings of India will always be the memory of Durga and what a privilege to spend time with him in his homeland.
You really do complement each other beautifully.  It certainly was a special time and only hope it won't be our last.
L+J Fennel (Sydney)
We really loved the Indian adventure Marieke and Durga style and felt we did experience so much more with the tented camps that were a favourite and all the superbly chosen hotels  sharing some of the essence of India. Every detail was thought about and the cuisine delicious. I have now stocked the pantry with The Very Best Basmati and have already attempted to make Indian dishes for the family , although not quite the Thali yet. I did love my yoga class with you on the rooftop at Deogarth and particularly loved the small town and our lovely Kashmiri boys at the turban shop. We loved our proud aristocratic Rajput Durga with a wonderful art of storytelling , and a great sense of humour, happiness and health .  .
Thank you for such a wonderful experience in India and we will be back .We already miss the busy street life and the smiling beautiful faces .
L+B Rees

"John and I had the most wonderful trip with you and sincerely thank you for your marvellous care and kindness on our "Magic Carpet Ride". It exceeded all our (very high) expectations and we will happily recommend your tours far and wide. We have a little bit of our hearts in India, so hopefully will return with you one day."

Virginia Paull, Sydney NSW

"I have been meaning to write to tell you how brilliant you are. The Rajasthan trip was just superb, it flowed so well and we were introduced to so much a normal tourist would never even dream of experiencing. I have flashes of India frequently and am avidly continuing my reading..."

Jan Walledge Middle Park, Victoria

From Bespoke clients:
"Our trip to India was organized so beautifully and carefully. The accommodation was varied and were destinations in themselves, a bonus to the excitement of each day, as well as havens from the intensity of life all around.
There was not a moment when we felt unwell or uncomfortable and arrangements were flexible and organised without a hitch. Our guides were extremely knowledgeable as well as being great company and tailored our days to include the areas that interested us most - in our case it was history and traditional artisans. We were also able to vary the pace of our days to suit our energy levels.
India itself is impossible to describe but the trip was one of  the great experiences  of our lives.
Marieke's notes on history, culture and shopping were invaluable and her suggestion to end our trip at a yoga retreat was inspired".
Peter and Penny Curry
Dear Marieke,
"We had a great time in India at the conference but the highlight was your tour because we found ourselves more in charge of our own destiny and more at ground level with the people.
Our driver Devindra was good as were the guides provided along the way. The places we stayed were all excellent  especially Shapura  because we were able to speak with the very elegant locals. 
I have recommended you to a number of people because you prepared us so well.
We will go to other places in India and  next time for longer and stay at Havellis. The Palaces we stayed in were gorgeous and did the trick of enticing my husband into Enjoying India".

Jenny H (NSW)
"We had a ball in India, thank you very much.
Thanks to your planning and Rohit, our guide, we have seen very much and understand some very little – but much more than before – of India, its history & buildings & traditions, its religions, especially Hindu & now Jain with a little of Buddha thrown in & the odd early Christian, Jew & Parsee thrown in too….Everywhere was fantastic….thank you very much and cannot wait to go again..there is so much to see.
PS  thank you very much for your detailed notes – perhaps even more helpful in retrospect as we try and work though where we have been and the photos and stories of those 24 days".
Peter D.

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