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unique and innovative f+b concepts

Marieke brings to her Consultancy work to the Travel and Hospitality Industry:
  • 30 years as an outstanding and passionate chef, cooking teacher, food writer, and presenter who created and cemented the stellar reputation of the Howqua Dale Gourmet Retreat + Cooking School (in NE Victoria) as an internationally regarded and unique gastronomic destination and special guesthouse.
  • A global perspective gleaned from operating a niche travel company that specialised the last 15 years in designing and escorting luxury tours and culinary vacations to many corners of the globe, from France and Portugal, South Africa and China to Bali, Turkey and India. And she has cooked in these countries, adapting local produce and local food styles to enchant her “New World” guests.
  • A sensitive awareness about the expectations and needs of and emerging trends for new modern travellers seeking genuine and authentic cultural and human experiences, and journeys that will fuel and charm their minds, their senses, their imagination and their memories.

Elemental to her Tour Company’s success is her ability to slip beneath the tourist net and discover the best of cuisines that are a truly representative of the rich culture of each region and race.

She has met, worked with and engaged many great chefs and many great cooks, dined in the world’s finest restaurants and in homes where the food is exceptional.

And she has slept in hundreds of rooms from grand palaces to 6 star hotels, to heritage properties and unique guesthouses, lodges, tented camps.

In making her selections she is guided by the utmost thoughtfulness for the guest first as well as these guiding principles:
- Real luxury is in thoughtful and fantastic DESIGN. Design that is expressive of place and culture and relates to landscape and sustainable ethics and practice, as well as guest comfort and aesthetic pleasure.

- Value for money and inimitable style and stylishness. Elegance and chic.

- Genuine and memorable hospitality. Outstanding service at all levels that makes the guest “feel at home” yet individually special and valued.

- Operational aspects that are demonstrably sustainable, minimize waste and packaging, recycle etc.
- Connection to Community evidenced by hotel’s demonstrably improving the skills, economic opportunities and welfare of local people and providing relationship and meaningful authentic access to and interaction with local culture and special traditions/rituals/celebrations/music/food etc

EXCITING NEW BEIJING RESTAURANT –Capital M opening very soon!!!!

Friend and Restaurant entrepreneur extraordinaire, Michelle Garnault whose M dining rooms in Hong Kong and Shanghai have garnered immense international acclaim, has three key positions available now. (August 2009).This is a superb opportunity for an amazing experience if you think you might fit the profile for her management team and wish to relocate to Beijing.
Capital M is recruiting for
* Restaurant Manager
* Lounge & Bar Manager
* Assistant Restaurant Manager

The restaurant in a landmark location overlooking Tiananmen Square is expected to have around 300 seats, as well as a large terrace for outside seating, so candidates with experience from large-scale operations would have an advantage. Opening is planned for mid September.

Please let me know if you wish to be put in contact with them.


Marieke currently consults to Alila Hotels and Resorts, a rapidly growing luxury boutique management company based in South East Asia, with its foundations in Indonesia, its corporate office in Singapore and its focus on remote locations.

Marieke’s expertise is used to:

Evaluate f+b performance in current properties

Advise on training and skill requirements

Assist Executive Chefs with Menu Concepts that are consistent with an Alila signature palate that is : fresh, exciting, daringly different offering:
authentically local as well as directionally contemporary cuisine that
is produce and season driven
utilizes the best of local produce
offers a cuisine naturelle, lighter healthy-living aspect

Motivate and Inspire chefs, their staff and GMs to creativity, consistency and excellence

Engage in pre-openings to develop and ensure an outstanding f+b profile for Alila

Currently, Alila is embarking on its next generation of high end luxury resorts, Alila Villas, in the Maldives, south Bali, China, Thailand, Vietnam and Oman.
Alila Villas represents a new generation of exclusive timeless properties that blend the ultimate in luxury with innovative lifestyle. Designed to fully respect the natural environment, the villa resorts are selectively developed to grace some of the most spectacular destinations in exciting resort locations.
Alila hotels and resorts are members of Design Hotels, properties selected for creative style and outstanding design.

Existing Bali properties, Bali – Alila Ubud and Alila Manggis have also achieved the prestigious Green Globe Certified status: a global program that recognises the resorts’ commitment to operating at the world’s highest environmental standard that meets environmental benchmark indicators for energy and water consumption, total waste production and community commitment.

“Marieke Brugman is our first appointment to the Alila Hotels and Resorts Taste Panel, a panel of consultants contracted with specific F&B focus in mind.

Her endurance, energy and commitment to the cause of PASSION IN FOOD, is unending. Her understanding of luxury travel and comforts outstanding and we really appreciate Marieke’s honest, direct and thoughtful style of reporting.”

Frederic Flageat-Simon
Managing Director and COO

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Cooking schools designed as team building exercises for staff from different departments for Mojo Advertising and BP management. Educational, bonding…….developing insights, celebrating difference, creating conviviality, imparting skills, having fun.

· Scholar/Chef-in-Residence at Eltham College

· Kitchen Design for King River Cafe Oxley

Design of an effective commercial kitchen in a heritage building with space restrictions.

· Improving hospital food in the Richmond Health Service Region (10 hospitals) northern NSW

Working with and training Chefs, Nutritionists and staff to accommodate a new “Cook-Chill” Technology, to preserve quality, flavour, appeal, appropriateness of food being prepared for patients, designing dishes with contemporary, fresh, natural appeal that would be consistent across 10 hospitals.

· Australian Children's TV Foundation "Lift-Off" program

Developing concepts for the “whacky café” that was the program’s key icon, that incorporated good eating guidelines for kids, but made them fun.

· Food-policy and design services for Lauriston Girls' School

Assessing and advising the menus for the school’s country campus that caters to 100 teenage girls during year 9, ensuring sound nutritional guidelines and food that would have broad appeal. Also, an audit of the city campus canteen, with recommendations for better eating choices.

Community Initiatives

Conceived and founded food and cooking programs as a social development tool, most notably with two community projects in Mansfield: "Men at Work", and "Kids at Work".

Kids at Work worked with 40 children over 10 weeks. The project taught cooking skills across popular generics (soup, pasta, cakes, sweets,) all made with fresh ingredients from scratch, interacted with “tribal elders” in the community who shared stories, taught kids how to set a table, serve wine, entertain, grow their own vegetables and herbs, create napkins, and tablecloths with local artists and culminated in the children cooking a grand Christmas lunch for 100 elderly citizens at Timbertop, accompanied by a live ‘dance-band’.

Men at Work worked with 12 men from the local community from disparate walks of life, over 6 weeks, teaching cooking, shopping, entertaining skills. Created a great sense of camaraderie and community and culminated in them preparing a grand degustation banquet for 100 guests as a fund raiser for a local environmental project that Marieke chaired at the time.

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