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Following the success of the 2008 inaugural Regional Events with Andrew McConnell + Pietro Porcu, we had a multitude of enquiries about new events in 2009.
In August we unveiled 'Seconds to the Fore' Degustation Lunch: a sensational event at Cutler&Co

The talented and passionate young chefs who eagerly jumped on board this event with us were Josh Murphy from Cumulus, John Paul Twomey from Cutler+Co, Brooke Payne from MoMo, Anthony Simone from Simone's in Bright and Leilani Wolfenden currently at Comme.

Hi Marieke,
Yum! Wow! Yum! Wow! Yum! Wow! Yum! Wow! Yum! Wow!
What more can I say!
Spectacular idea, spectacular food... clever you!
Congrats and Thanks,
Love Sal

World class food savoured with best mates in God's own country.....is paradise enough!
Thanks Marieke.

Marieke’s Art of Cuisine Regional Events, the Shared Table- brings a fresh and inspiring approach to connecting gourmands with talented chefs, unique gardens, stunning seasonal produce, passionate cooking, individual winemakers, gorgeous locations, and will offer several special events each year to discerning adventurous diners searching beyond the merely fashionable.

Meet and interact with chefs and their passions, have fun, savour real food, share ideas as well as unusual gustatory delights in an informal and informed ambience.
And, participate in the preservation and sustainability of genetic diversity, organic produce, and the exploration of local cultures, traditional cuisines and ingredients adapted to the New World and interpreted for modern palates.

"The joys of the table belong equally to all ages, conditions, countries and times; they mix with all other pleasures, and remain the last to console us for their loss."

Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, The Physiology of Taste

2010 Dates to be Announced Soon for

The Scarlett Dinner: "celebrating fraternity, spontaneity, conviviality"

Thé Dansant: "trip the light fantastic with dance, special music and food and the chance to dress up"

To be placed on the Mailing List for these Events and Further Information Contact Us

A very belated THANK YOU for that wonderful lunch in Sorrento  10 days ago.
It was just marvellous, and is giving as much retrospective pleasure as on the actual day.
We reminisce about it often, and try to remember the delicate composition of flavours in every dish.
It was such an incredible experience !
 We both met such interesting people to chat with, and the setting was pretty unbeatable in Fiona and David's beautiful house and garden.
Thank you so much, Marieke, for an unforgettable event.
Warmest regards, Glenda Stewart (Sorrento)

Thanks again for a wonderful day Marieke,
Your enthusiasm for fantastic food experiences is infectious - I went in search of Fresh yeast in Ivanhoe the very next day and so far have drawn a total blank.
Very disappointing discovery though easily overcome I'm sure.
I just have to travel further afield!!
We will all be heading to Da Noi sometime in the near future. Piero's willingness to share his tips/experiences/secrets and hints must be rewarded
by our support - any excuse for an excellent meal prepared by such a master! ( I might even let Ian come too!!)
Look forward to sharing more tables with you in the future.
Lorraine Godfrey (Melbourne)

These events are informed and enlivened by Marieke’s life lived through and for food and hospitality: 30 years at her stoves with extensive herb and vegetable gardens that she created at her country doorstep; over 20 years working with some of the most original cooking talents in the country, and a lifelong commitment to demystifying the creation of extraordinary food in her career as a teacher at her renowned cooking school; many years as an ambassador for regional cuisine and an Australian culinary identity during her involvement with the Symposium of Gastronomy and The Australasian Regional Food and Wine Network; and a fundamental belief in the joys and camaraderie that ensues from shared tables.

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